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sponsor a Deaf child for $50 a month. this will provide them with a home, nutritious meals, medical care, and educational support.

Haitian Sign Language will be the primary means of communication, expanding the world for many of these children who have no current means of communication.

Haiti Deaf Children's Home will be staffed primarily with Deaf adult Haitians, whom we have worked with over the past year. They will fill rolls such as: cooks, house parents, house-keepers, and tutors.

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Join us in Haiti for a short-term or long-term mission trip! Please contact Kathryn@cbdeafministry.org .




Haiti Deaf Children's Home

Traditional day schools do not exist for deaf children in Haiti. If they are lucky enough for their parents to afford an education for them, it is customary for deaf children to attend boarding schools from a very early age. Accurate statistics are not known, but the vast majority of deaf children do not have access to education and are often not qualified for employment. They grow up completely dependent on others. Christ based parenting and role modeling is often not available in homes with hearing parents and deaf children, due to an inability to communicate. Deaf children are often not exposed to the love of God.